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Bill and Ed’s Big Adventure, Day 2

The day started great in the Big Meadows campground. Not only is it a nice campground with showers and laundry it also has the Big Meadows lodge which has a great breakfast.

The ride for the day was pretty easy since the day before we did all the climbing and this day we mostly went down hill.  A link to maps and more information about the climbs etc.. is here: http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/1161649707

At the end of the day we stayed in an ok hotel called the Colonial House just off the parkway on the way into Waynesboro.  At the hotel we met 2 women from the Northeast who were finishing up there ride across the US.  They had started in Northwest been all across the US in more states than I can count and were few days from finishing up.  They made our little ride look like nothing.  Super impressive!!  I wish I had taken their picture.

Sufferfest 2015

I am glad to say that this summer’s sufferfest is over and I survived.  My old friend, Bill Irving had this great idea to ride all of Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our original plan was to do it with a group of people and a sag wagon but when that didn’t work out we set out on our own.  Without the sag wagon we decided we wouldn’t have time for all the parkway but we could at least make it to Asheville to pick up a rental and head back north. At the last minute while packing we decided to throw in some climbing gear just in case we got the urge to do some climbing.  Well the climbing ended up becoming a great distraction.

Our total trip was around 14 days and we did a little over 500 miles or 800 kms, we climbed on the loaded down bikes over 59 thousand feet or 18 thousand meters and managed to do 8 different rock climbing routes.  ELT_2928-Edit

This is the future…. I hope!

Shantanu Starick has been trading himself around the world.  In the video below he explains it better than I can but the gist is he trades his services as a photographer for transport, food and lodging. His goal is to visit all the continents without using any money.

By erasing the language of money, the working relationship changes.  He does not have new clients, he has new friends who welcome him into their homes.  Every job is an new relationship and experience that is negotiated by need.  You need photos, he needs a place to stay, transportation and food.

Amanda and I started doing something similar in 2010 when we visited India for 5 months.  We worked with NGOs that gave us a place to stay and food while we did photos and videos for them.  From that experience we went on to visit India again in the beginning of 2014 and Ecuador in the summer of 2014.

Once the issue of money is removed, I think, we are freer to work for passion, interest, a cause we care about and as a result we gain friends, creative new projects and a different perspective.

To learn more about Shantanu Starick check out the video below and his site: thepixeltrade.com

Also to see some of our work from our trips and work with NGOs check out Little Miss Lola Productions at vimeo or edwintoonephotography.com.

Bilbao to San Sebastian

The Basque country is incredibly beautiful and a great place to do some bike touring.  My friend Bill emailed me about a month ago and asked if I would meet him in Bilbao for some riding around.  Of course I couldn’t pass up the oportunity so we planned a little ride from Bilbao to San Sebastian along the coast. Because we were intent on riding as much trail as possible and riding without a real plan we turned a 100 kilometer ride into a 260 plus kilometer ride.  We also were trying to do the trip on the cheap so we ended up spending most of our nights sleeping in fields on the side of the road, one of which was very popular with the local wild pigs.  The adventure went off without a hitch and only one flat tire.  

Southern France in Spring

A few new pictures from our weekend in Southern France.  We had a little rain but it was still beautiful and full of flowers.  To see more photos from the weekend click the link: http://etoone.photoshelter.com/search?I_DSC=france&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&I_DSC_AND=t&_ACT=search