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Sufferfest 2015 or Bill and Ed’s Big Adventure Day 1

Day 1 was an all day climb from Front Royal to Big Meadows on Skyline Drive.  We did not know it at the time but this would be our hardest day with over 50 miles of riding and 8000 feet of climbing.  The day was hard but Bill was strong and had to push me along a few times.  We were not managing our food in take very well and I kept bonking.  At one point we were pretty much out of food and had no energy left but lucky for us at the bottom of the food box was a tube of agave and maple syrup.  We downed it like some sort of power gel and it worked wonders to get us to our destination.

The weather was great minus a little rain that stopped right after we got our rain gear out.  The heat and humidity had already soaked us, so the rain was nice.

We carried a lot of water but for the most part there were several good places to get it all along the way.  The facilities on Skyline are great.  The Blue Ridge Parkway also has nice facilities but they are much more spread out.

Our campsite at Big Meadows was wonderful.  It had showers, laundry, bear boxes etc….  There is also a very nice lodge there.  We saw a family of bears as we entered the area which was exciting.  Also along the way we saw very tame deer on the side of the road and we had a small snake climb on to Bill’s wheel trying to escape the heat of the road.

All and all a good day but hard.  Attached is a link to MapMyRide where you can see the details of ride on a map. The time it took and the exact mileage may be a little off.  http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/1161642599

Day 2 NYC – Marching in the Rain


State Road 50

When I see an old abandoned mobile home like this, I have to wonder about who lived here, was this land and home a dream come true or stepping stone to bigger and better things.  It is kind of sad and depressing but at the same time promising.  

State Road 50 is nothing special, it is a combination of beautiful old farms and mobile homes.  But, if you had some land there you could really enjoy the quiet old south. A place that can be lonely but at the same time a place where you feel connected. 

More often than not a mobile home becomes a permanent residence but maybe it’s owners saw it as an in-between place, a place with a roof on land that they own, a place for a future dream house.  For if truth be told how permanent is a mobile home?Image