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hiking above the clouds

We just returned to the house in Caunes Minervois after a little camping down on the boarder with Spain in the Pyrenees. We went to the mountains to escape the heat and as luck would have it the clouds rolled in and cooled things down.   


The Spanish Dream


One new collection and four new galleries have just been added to my website all part of an ongoing project??entitled??The Spanish Dream. ??The idea of the project is to focus on North Americans who have chased a dream to come live in Spain and to take a look at how they are living now. ??The photos take an??intimate look at the homes of each individual and tell a small story about their lives. ??

Here is a link to The Spanish Dream with an introductory text:??http://etoone.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/The-Spanish-Dream/C00001QtJLRO0_IM

How could I have missed this?

Here is a short video that Amanda and I made while we were in India about the preschool program that CRHP runs. ??I am pretty sure I never posted it here and I just finished adding it to my website on the Media page. ??Find out more about this program and others at the new CRHP Jamkhed website:??http://www.crhpjamkhed.org/

3 days in 3 minutes

A time-lapse of the making of Monkey Girl the music video!

Making of Monkey Girl, a slideshow

These photos are from a music video Amanda directed and produced.  We shot all the footage for it this past weekend and I put together a little slideshow of us at work.  The group is the Modern Poppers and the song for the video is Monkey Girl.  The music on the slideshow is also by the Modern Poppers.  

Earth Day fun in Barcelona

Barcelona has a fun Earth Day fair called Fira per la Terra that happens on the 20th thru the 22nd in Parque de la Ciutadella.  There is good food, meditation, dancing, and activities for kids.  If the weather is nice, like it was today, it is not a bad way to spend the day. 


Shot by shot of the bad dog walkers

These photos were taken during a general strike in Barcelona on March 29th, 2012.  The only thing that this couple did wrong was run when a group of police jumped out of a van and charged them and many other people.  After a few hits with the stick, throwing the woman the ground, and sitting on the man for a few minutes the police just got up and left. “Whoops, I guess we got the wrong dog walkers.”