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Bill and Ed’s Big Adventure, Day 11

Today was a day off the bikes but not a rest day.  We headed up to Table Rock to do a classic route, the North Ridge.  Our team consided of Bill and I, Jeep and his friend Jay.  The climb was not too hard but had great views and a nice hike scramble to get to the base.

It was so nice to visit Table Rock again after so many years.  When we made it to the parking lot we ran into an Outward Bound Crew which brought back a ton of fond memories but also made me feel old. We also ran into a young climber from OB after finishing the route.  The day could not have been nicer.

Skate Barn Montage of my Nephew Noah!

I spent 3 or 4 hours with my nephew, Noah at the Skate Barn yesterday here in Wilmington. I tried my best to skate the whole time but my old body decided it was better to film than to skate. Here is a little montage of Noah ripping it up!

PS – Shot with my new Nikon D600, handheld.

Photo Philanthropy


A short photo essay about CRHP has just been posted on the Photo Philanthropy website. Photo Philanthropy is an interesting site which promotes and connects photographers with non-profit organizations around the world to tell the stories that drive action for social change. They not only offer an online community where photographers can find out about and connect with non-profits but they also offer grants and cash prizes to work with non-profits.  Follow this link to see the essay: http://photophilanthropy.org/gallery-posts/comprehensive-rural-health-project/

Surprised and disappointed (A few reflections on the General Strike in Barcelona)

First off let me say that I was surprised to see the police controlling the protest in such a good way during most of the day, yesterday in Barcelona.  As you may know a General Strike was held throughout Spain and Europe and in my experience, Barcelona does a horrible job of controlling these situations. I expected violent clashes and police brutality like I saw during the 29M General Strikes. (See http://edwintoonephotography.posterous.com/29m-a-few-more-photos and http://edwintoonephotography.posterous.com/shot-by-shot-of-the-bad-dog-walkers) But, wow!, bravo!, most  of the morning and day seemed very calm.  Yes, there were some clashes but what I saw was quickly quelled and brought under control without bystanders being hurt.  This may have been because there were police on every corner and the large protest did not start until 6pm.  But, even after the start of the real protest things seemed fairly calm. 

It was not until around 9:30 that things really got out of hand and this is where, again, I was truly disappointed in the way the police handled the situation.  I do not want to say that the police did not have reason for action but the action that they took was completely counterproductive. 


Protesters had been marching from Diagonal and Paseig de Gracia towards the sea from around 8pm.  During this time there had been a few acts of vandalism but from what I could tell, no burning of garbage containers or violent confrontations.  At around 9:25pm I was preparing to leave when I noticed that some protesters had set some fires on Via Laietana. It turns out that they had even started to burn an empty police car and were vandalizing other buildings.  The police rushed in to get things under control.

At this point I would think that the focus of the police force would be on chasing down on foot and catching the small groups that had set fires and were being violent.  But, this was not the tactic used.  Instead the police drive their vans at high speeds to corral any and all of the people including random bystanders.  Once they have people headed in one direction they jump out swinging sticks and shooting rubber bullets.  This sends the people scattering in all directions, so the police jump back into the vans race around again until have a nice little group they can attack again.

This technique is almost comical from a distance but it truly puts everyone in danger and creates more of a sense of chaos than calm.  The danger comes from two specific areas, high-speed vans racing at crowds of people and stampedes of people running over each other.  I witnessed an old man injured in the street after one of these stampedes and a police officer was actually hit by a van and later rushed to the hospital.

The escape from this comes from walking in a single file line with your hands up as close to the wall as you can get while the riot police yell at you and swing their sticks.  If you are lucky you do not get a swat from the stick and they don’t decide to do another high-speed corral.   

See more pictures from the protest at: http://www.demotix.com/news/1599049/general-strike-barcelona-ends-violently#m…


A little fun with stop motion

This video was a little experiment I did to prepare for a wedding I was going to shoot.  We knew that in the wedding we would be doing some stop motion with shoes, so I figured a little test might be needed.  Lots of fun and super easy.  

Bilbao to San Sebastian

The Basque country is incredibly beautiful and a great place to do some bike touring.  My friend Bill emailed me about a month ago and asked if I would meet him in Bilbao for some riding around.  Of course I couldn’t pass up the oportunity so we planned a little ride from Bilbao to San Sebastian along the coast. Because we were intent on riding as much trail as possible and riding without a real plan we turned a 100 kilometer ride into a 260 plus kilometer ride.  We also were trying to do the trip on the cheap so we ended up spending most of our nights sleeping in fields on the side of the road, one of which was very popular with the local wild pigs.  The adventure went off without a hitch and only one flat tire.