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Just got back from a nice visit to southern France. Spring was in the air and everything was coming to life. A big change from the south of the US but beautiful just the same.

A few images from France

Southern France never ceases to amaze me.  There are so many beautiful small towns and interesting places to explore.  It may take longer to drive the back roads but that it is where you find the surprises.  


Following Shadows



Sami is so obedient that she will follow your shadow home.  

Another nice day

After a morning walk and a few hours searching for the correct map we headed out of Caune to a near by village with a lake for a little swim.  Once Sami got in the water it was next to imposible to get her out.  The scenery at the lake and on the way was incredible.


R&R in Caunes

Day one of a little break from Barcelona and work was celebrated by taking a long walk with Sami.  Sami is visiting us while her owners are vacationing farther north in France.  The weather was perfect for a swim, at least according to Sami.

P.S.  Happy Birthday Mom!




Southern France in Spring

A few new pictures from our weekend in Southern France.  We had a little rain but it was still beautiful and full of flowers.  To see more photos from the weekend click the link: http://etoone.photoshelter.com/search?I_DSC=france&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&I_DSC_AND=t&_ACT=search