This is the future…. I hope!

Shantanu Starick has been trading himself around the world.  In the video below he explains it better than I can but the gist is he trades his services as a photographer for transport, food and lodging. His goal is to visit all the continents without using any money.

By erasing the language of money, the working relationship changes.  He does not have new clients, he has new friends who welcome him into their homes.  Every job is an new relationship and experience that is negotiated by need.  You need photos, he needs a place to stay, transportation and food.

Amanda and I started doing something similar in 2010 when we visited India for 5 months.  We worked with NGOs that gave us a place to stay and food while we did photos and videos for them.  From that experience we went on to visit India again in the beginning of 2014 and Ecuador in the summer of 2014.

Once the issue of money is removed, I think, we are freer to work for passion, interest, a cause we care about and as a result we gain friends, creative new projects and a different perspective.

To learn more about Shantanu Starick check out the video below and his site:

Also to see some of our work from our trips and work with NGOs check out Little Miss Lola Productions at vimeo or


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  1. Bates Toone says :

    Love it!

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