Interesting things are happening in my neighbourhood!

When I first moved into the apartment I am living in now, I was a little disappointed to see some abandoned lots in my block and the next block over.  In both blocks small parks had been build but the majority of the space was closed to the public, abandoned and full of trash.  One of these spaces is outside my window and I have plans of my own to claim and corner and do something, but the other space, which is much larger, is in the next block over.  Well something is finally being done!

A neighbourhood group that has it’s roots in Los Indignados has been pushing to do something with this space for a few years. Today was the inauguration of a new community space that is designed as a place for the people by the people. There is no one set plan for the space. It is more of a space that is open to suggestions.

The city has opened abandoned spaces like this one and others around the city for groups to use for different activities for the next three years. Although this currently is not seen as a permanent fixture it could change Barcelona in many ways and as far as I can tell only for the better!

PS – Just for fun all of these photos were taken with my phone.


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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

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