Building a DSLR rig for filming

Recently I have been obsessed with building a DSLR rig. I DSLR rig is a type of frame that you connect to your camera so you can stabilize it while shooting video and moving. They come any many shapes and sizes but I was really focused on a should mount system. I have spent way too much time on YouTube looking at Do it yourself videos and studying some of the professional rigs on the market. The end result is almost ready for presentation but I want to first list some of my resources and explain some of my experiences. My first attempt was a simple modification of the PVC rig found here: rig is pretty basic but seems to do the trick. I have not really used it but I did a few experiments and it seems like it would work in a pinch to stabilize the camera while filming. The problem I have with it is it looks and feels cheap and is not really modifiable. I then started looking into some of the Pro-rigs and all that they offered. The prices were way to high but the ability to modify them, add extra connectors etc… was really appealing. I found a few sights that sell individual parts and give you tons of options for building a rig from scratch with their parts. After looking a the Pro-rigs my goal became to build something similar with an ability to add pro parts if I needed to. I found an amazing rig with all the plans needed to build it, here: The cool thing about this rig is that you can buy all you need at Home Depot and it is really pretty cheap and easy to build at home. In the end my final product is a modification of this set up but I was not able to build this exactly because I live in Barcelona where there are no Home Depots so I was unable to get some of the materials. Another sight that I wish I had seen before I started my project is this one: I ended up doing something similar to this with the aluminum blocks but after a lot of trail and error. Other than having a great time building this I also got to know a few new things about Barcelona, for example; if you need english measured nuts and bolts try an industrial hardware store not just a normal one, Bauhaus is not Home Depot but it is the closest thing we got here, and just by walking around my neighborhood I was able to find a lot more than I ever thought I would. I also made some great friends and a local metal shop. The father and son team of Jordi and Jaume let my use their workshop for free and gave me a few pointers. My rig is almost complete and yes there are a few things I could/should have done differently but I think the end product will work and be pretty cool. Once it is done I will upload a photos and more info.

About edwintoonephotography

I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

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