Politics as usual


Yesterday night I attended a rally for the Socialist Party here in??Catalonia??to take some pictures. ??Tons of people showed up even though it was a??miserable rainy afternoon. It was like being at a rock concern when the??politician??came out and started to speak. They talked a good talk about fighting for the working class and preventing the PP from winning but it looks like the PP is going to win. I am not a hugh fan of all the policies of Socialist Party here but they are much better than the PP. If we look at what the last PP president brought Spain it??s not pretty. ??They got Spain in the Iraq war, they did little to nothing about a horrible oil spill off the coast of Galicia, and they tried to make the bombing in Madrid look like it came from ETA when everyone knew it came from Al-qaeda. ??While Zapatero (the current Socialist President) made some mistakes he also got Spain out of the Iraq war, changed the laws to allow gay marriage and gave gays all the same rights as everyone else, and made at least half of his cabinet women, including the first female Minister of Defense.??I am not optimistic about this election but I am hopeful. There is nothing like a good upset that goes against all the numbers. ??


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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

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