Women of the Farm

As if CRHP does not have enough programs going on, they also have a 80??acre??organic farm. ??The farm provides almost all the food we eat each day and also is sold in local markets. ??The great thing about the farm is that it also serves as a rehabilitation center for women and men who have aids or leprosy. ??In rural India if you have either of these??diseases??often you will be thrown out of your house and be forced to beg in the streets. ??Amanda had a chance to interview the head of the farm, Ratnamala for the video we are working on. ??Ratnamala explained how she was married off when she was 14 years old, her husband developed aids 3 months later from visiting prostitutes in Bombay, then she had a child who died at 3 months old, the same month her husband died. ??At the time she was living with her??in-laws who kicked her out, so she went to live with her parents who also kicked her out. ??She ended up on the streets and came to CRHP looking for help. ??Now, after almost 10 years on the farm, she is the manager of the farm, receives treatment for HIV, and lives a life with respect and love. ??



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