Hi everybody!

we are on the final drafts of the script for the CRHP documentary! during the week we are very busy but on Sunday things relax…so last Sunday the women at the organization decided to dress me in a sari and take photos with me. As you can see, they are very elegant…they kept saying I look like Amala, "the wife of a film hero". Very funny. On the other hand, in our apartment we get visits from the most weird insects and creatures. We love lizards because they eat this elephant mosquitos…

Hola a tothom!

ja estem en l'??ltima versi?? del gui?? pel docu de CRHP. Durant la setmana estem ocupats per?? els diumenges s??n per relaxar-se…aix?? que ahir les dones de l'organitzaci?? em van vestir amb sari i ens v??rem fer moltes fotos. Com podeu veure, els saris s??n molt elegants…diuen que amb el sari m'assemblo a Amala, "la dona d'un heroi de pel??l??cules". Divertit. Per altra banda en el nostre apartament rebem visites dels insectes i criatures m??s estranys. Ens agraden els llangardaixos perqu?? s'alimenten de mosquits…



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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.


  1. M??riam says :

    Uauuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Sembles una ??ndia albina. Guapa, guapa, guapa, mi ni??a.

  2. Amanda says :

    o semblo una india malalta!!

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