The Nubra Valley and the Dali Lama

I just returned from a visit to the Nubra Valley where the Dali Lama was giving a 2 day teaching for the local Ladakhy people.?? Amanda decided to rest in Leh, so I headed off with a few friends we have made here.?? The first challenge was to cross the highest motorable road in the world. At 5606m. or 18380ft. it is pretty high up there.?? The road is barely drivable only being wide enough for one car in most places with cliff drops of 200m?? around every corner.?? Somehow or another our taxi driver negotiated all of the turns and on coming trucks to get us there safely.?? Once there we had to sleep on the floor of some other friends because all of the hotels and guesthouses were full.?? The Dali Lama???s teachings were given in the hot sun on top of a hill.?? Most of the attendances were local but there was also a large foreigner???s area that had speakers with English translations.?? I chose to stay out of the foreigner???s area to avoid the chaos and sit on the sides where I could get some pictures. The experience was nice but I really was more interested in exploring the Diskit and the Nubra Valley.?? In the end I headed out on my own for few short nature hikes with a nice dip in a small swimming hole.??



About edwintoonephotography

I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

2 responses to “The Nubra Valley and the Dali Lama”

  1. Mercedes says :

    Hey Edwin, I’m really enjoying the chance to follow your amazing trip with your, what can I say… expressive, humorous, full of beauty and sensitivity, original, warm photos.Kisses from this side of the planet, and say hello to Amanda, I’m so glad to hear she was able to get better and keep going. She is such a brave soul.Mercedes

  2. Amanda says :

    Hi Mercedes! a huge kiss from south India! happy to read you are enjoying the pictures! Edwin and Amanda

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