Day 5

Nyimaling to Gongara La Pass to Shang Sumdo, 4700m to 5130m to 3660m

After a very cold night we woke up at 5am to have breakfast and get started.?? We knew we had a long day in front of us with the highest point so far to come.?? The day started with a 430m climb past a small goat village to the Gongara La Pass at 5130m.?? The going was slow because of the thin air.?? We would walk 30 paces and stop to catch our breaths.?? The views made the breaks more enjoyable.?? After reaching the top and taking a break we started down a steep incline into the tight canyon below.?? We had planned to stop and spend the night in a village called Chokdo but when we realized we could make it to the end with only 2 more hours of hiking we continued on to Shang Sumdo.?? After not sleeping too great with the high altitude and the cold this was probably the hardest day for all of us but it was also one of the most spectacular.??



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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

One response to “Day 5”

  1. Julie M says :

    Such a different India! I love it.

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