Donuts hmmmmmmm!

Yesterday on a short hike to take photos I passed by a young farmer taking care of his cows.?? We started talking and the next thing I know I am in his house having tea.?? He was such a nice guy offering me tea cookies and information about the area and his life and family.?? He is probably in his early twenties and had just gotten married 6 months earlier.?? He lives with is mother, father and wife.?? He is a Buddhist but studied English in a Christian school.?? His family lived from their crops and milk that they sold in the local market.?? Their house was beautiful and large.?? I have included one picture I took in the kitchen/living room area.?? The whole experience really was great.?? I cannot say enough about how nice it is here in Leh.

Pictures: 1. My morning donut from the local bakery. 2. The kitchen in Acheck???s house. 3. The friendly and fun ladies who we buy our local veggies from.



About edwintoonephotography

I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

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