Life on the farm

Life on the farm is not too bad. ??I usually wake up around 6 and try to get some garden work or photography in before breakfast, while other volunteers sleep or do yoga. Breakfast is at 8 and most people spend a little time chatting after they eat. ?? I normally work about half the day in the fields and dedicate the other half to photography work. ??Amanda often only works the fields in the morning or afternoons due to the heat and spends a lot of the day working on her script. ??She also volunteers in the office and the kitchen. ??Other volunteers or interns spend their time in the library or on the computer doing research. ??There is a crew of 10 to 12 workers who work the fields everyday and really appreciate it when the volunteers join them. ??Each volunteer or intern creates their own schedule which is great because it give you a chance to experience all that can be done a Navdanya.



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About edwintoonephotography

I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

2 responses to “Life on the farm”

  1. M??riam i Llu??s says :

    Tot ??s molt happy, per?? aix?? de llevar-se a les sis i no esmorzar fins a les vuit ens sembla molt b??stia. De deb?? podeu estar tanta estona sense jalar? Us estem infinitament agra??ts; practiquem l’angl??s amb els vostres textos. Quan verifiquem la nostra traducci?? directa del bloc amb un d’aquests traductors d’internet, obtenim unes gracioses i peculiars traduccions. Francament, la nostra ??s molt m??s bona. Molt boniques, les xancletes!! Petons,

  2. Anonymous says :

    una amiga d’una amiga de l’Edwin ha comentat al facebook que la foto "de la nena" amb les sand??lies li ha agradat molt…ens hem fet un fart de riure, no li direm pas que la nena t?? 35 anys! despr??s escriure m??s en catal??, petonicos!

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