la revoluci?? simp??tica


Hola penya! aquests ??ltims dies he comen??at a sentir-me entre una monja budista (aixecant-me a les 5.30 per treballar al camp, plantant herbes amb els cants dels ocells – d'uns colors incre??bles – moments bons per meditar) i una hippie de comuna (tothom treballa a la cuina, en la neteja de la granja, sense sabates, entre animals, nens i plantes medicinals – no us ho perdeu, aqu?? la marihuana puja salvatge i les plantes s??n enormes). En definitiva, estic molt b??, amb pau interior. Estic llegint The Compassionate Revolution, un llibre altament recomenable pels que volen passar de l'activisme "d'odi" a un activisme sa i equilibrat (??s a dir, positivisme i res d'odis). Aquest llibre presenta el budisme com una bona eina per una revoluci?? "amb somriure". ??s del David Edwards. Us el recomano. Diumenge ja marxem cap a Daramsala, on viu el Dalai Lama. Petons!


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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

3 responses to “la revoluci?? simp??tica”

  1. M??riam says :

    A Spain ja ens conv??, preparar la revoluci?? amb un somriure. ??s ben probable que tinguem pep?? ben aviat. Estic assajant les meves millors rialles per quan arribin el poder. Ni el Jango Edwars. Com ??s all??? qui riu l’??ltim riu millor…

  2. Carlos says :

    Hola, chicos!!!! I am staying up-to-date with all your adventures although I can’t write you each time (to this day I still don’t know who will own my school!!!) Nontheless, I follow your advise and keep a peaceful attitude and broad smile. It’s pointless to worry too much when things are not under one’s control.Edwin, I am loving each and everyone of your photos!!! Marvelous! Amandita, keep that great spirit of your all the way up to the Himalayas!!! Eres mi reina (y de Edwin claro -que no sea celoso…)Did you get someone for the apt???Besotes y abrazos pa los dos.

  3. Amanda says :

    hi gorgeous Carlos! thank you for your beautiful words! more to come from Dharamsala!!!! no, we still are trying to find somebody, quite upset about the whole thing. As a good friend of mine said: the last thing you want when travelling is to deal with problems at home. Anwyay, not much we can do from here other than thinking about getting a credit. Although our pocket is in crisis, our conscience is at peace: the most important! :)petons pa los dos!

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