It is hot!!!

We knew it would be hot, but wow! ??It is HOT!! ??By mid-morning it is already so hot you don't want to move. ??Work after lunch is almost impossible but the evenings and early mornings are nice a cool. ??We have really had to pay attention to how much we drink and make sure not to push to hard during working hours. ??We are headed to the mountains next week with some friends so we hope to escape the heat a little. ??I might be stuck behind for a day or two because I am still waiting for my camera but I plan to make the trip for sure. ??

The two photos are of our friends the puppies. ??They were our first volunteer project, baths, flea collars, and medicine.



About edwintoonephotography

I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

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