The camera adventure continues


It is hard to put into words how chaotic cities in India are but I will give it a try.????

Today, I headed into Dehradun to mail my camera to the Nikon service center outside of Delhi. The only box I had was a polka dot covered artsy box a friend had under her bed. ??After a 45 minute ride on top of a bus (with my polka dot covered box) I arrived in the city, I??haggled a good price from a rickshaw driver to take me to the Blue Dart/DHL mailing center. Once there I was told that I could not mail this camera because of the value of it without first getting a FORM 17. ??This meant I had to head back across town to some government buildings to get a FORM 17. ??Once there they told me I would have to get a??notarized statement, I think, saying that I would not use the camera for commercial use or something like that. ??So, I jumped back in the rickshaw and headed to another part of town where there were well over 100 guys sitting around with old typewriters typing out forms for people. My rickshaw driver helped me get the form I needed and I headed back to the government building where many forms were filled out in triplicate. ??Then we raced across town again, polka dot box and all, to the mail center. ??Once we arrived the Blue Dart/DHL guys said it was not packed properly, probably because of the polka dots, and I would have to go back to the center to get it packed. ??The guy at the packing store did a great job of making my box look more official and we headed back to mail the package. ??

The entire affair was completely surreal and entertaining. ??There were times I wanted to give up and I was even told that it might have been easier just to take a bus 7 hours to hand deliver the camera myself but all in all it was a true Indian experience. ??Now let's hope that getting my camera back won't be as difficult! ??


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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

4 responses to “The camera adventure continues”

  1. M??riam says :

    Ara s?? que m’he perdut… Teniu un altre cop la c??mera o no?

  2. Amanda says :

    Encara ni ha arribat a la Nikon…imagina…i aix?? que s’ha enviat urgent i pagant una pasta! paci??ncia que ??s la mare de la ci??ncia…

  3. Carlos says :

    Eso te pasa por vestir una caja de flamenca!!! (That’s what happens when you decide to dress your boxes as a flamenco dancer!!!) Thanks for the good laughs, Edwin!!! BIG HUGS to both of ya!!!!

  4. M??riam says :

    La traducci?? autom??tica ??s surreal. No s?? que diu d’una caixa de "lunares" que l’Edwin porta amunt i avall.

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