Day1 Adventures in Delhi


We survived our first day in India but in a haze. ??After arriving late Saturday night we did not get to bed until around 2 a.m. ??This would not have been a problem if workers had not started banging on the floor of the room above us at 8. ??We were forced to get up and brave Delhi half awake. ??This meant running around trying to play tourist and arrange transport to our next location. ??After paying too much for a few tuk-tuk (motorized rickshaws) rides, we settle with one driver who we knew would end up getting more out of us than we wanted but at least we didn't have to think too much. ??Delhi in general is loud, dirty and chaotic but interesting all the same. ??We never had plans to stay here for more than a day so tomorrow morning we will be on the road again. ??

Amanda passed out in the bed around 8 and I am headed there now. ??


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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

2 responses to “Day1 Adventures in Delhi”

  1. M??riam says :

    I jo que estic molt contenta de "sentir-vos"!! Quin ??s el millor "translate"?

  2. CJ says :

    Delhi is crazy! I found it entirely overwhelming when Kamini and I were there. I can only imagine trying to do it with jet lag and sleep deprivation.

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