Book Recommendation: The Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally


If you are interested in working with a light weight kit that you can take anywhere and you still want to get great lighting at anytime of the day then this book is a must read. ??I try to do as little work as possible in a studio. ??I like to work in the outside in the real world but light can often make or break a great shot. ??This book gives tons of great examples of how to use Nikon SB-800 and SB-900 to create great light anytime of the day. ??It also talks about other tools that can be very helpful also. ??

The truth is the style of photography I enjoy the most is raw documentary reporting which does not leave much room for setting up flashes but the knowledge I have gained from this book can be applied in all areas of photography. ??I can think of a photograph I took of a young girl in Ethiopia. ??Half of her face was hidden in the shade. ??If I had known the things I know now after reading Hot Shoe Diaries I could have popped a little light on her face and improved the picture substantially. ??

Joe makes it all seem so easy and in fact it is. In the past I have been a little reluctant to use a flash and have only used them as a last resort. ??Now I am kind of??psyched to get a few more flashes and see what all I can do. ??



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I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

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