The podcast I listen to!

I was late adopter to the world of the podcast.  I always thought if I wanted to listen to one I could search it out and sit and listen in front of my computer, but that is not how it works.  Who has time to search out something, let alone sit and listen to it? That is what is great about having my podcast on my phone.  I always have my phone with me and there are plenty of times during the day when I walking in the street or taking the metro or just waiting to see the dentist that the podcast are a perfect way to use the time wisely.  

I have 3 basic types of podcast that I really like: News & Culture, Photography, and DudeCast.  

In New & Culture I really like to listen to Bill Moyers Journal and 60 Minutes.  Moyers seems to have the guest on his show that I would have on mine if I had a show and I always feel like I learn something new with each show.  60 Minutes on the other hand half the time drives me a little crazy and seems like US propaganda but I still like the variety of stories and Andy Rooney can at times be funny.  I also like PBS’s Frontline but they don’t update enough and the shows are often too long.  For new stuff in science and technology, nothing beats TED.  TED has video cast which require me to sit and pay attention so I don’t see those as often as the others.

In the photography department I have a longer list.  I don’t listen to any of these religiously other than maybe Chase Jarvise, but they are great for when you only have a few minutes to kill.  I find that listening to an artist, camera geek or professional wedding photographer are all helpful. They inspire me and give me ideas about projects, how to run my business or what new gadget I need to buy.  Here are some of the ones I listen to: Ted Forbes The Art of Photography, Chase Jarvis Photography, History of Photography, LensFlare35, and LightSource Studio Photography.

Finally, the DudeCast are the podcast that I listen to or watch to just escape. These consist of mostly surf videos, skate videos and some mountain bike videos.  I really don’t care what they have to say in these, I just want to see some rad stuff that I often wish I could do.  All of the sports are sports that I have been or still am addicted to and try to get a taste of as often as possible.  These include: Pod Surf TV, Shralp! Surfing videos, and Skuff TV – Skate.  

I am always looking for new podcast and for that matter new blogs to follow so please feel free to make suggestions.  Plus, I would love to here your opinions about the few that I have listed here.  



About edwintoonephotography

I am a U.S. born professional photographer living in Barcelona, Spain.

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