Monkee Genes

Way back in July Amanda and I spent 3 fun days with a crew of local models, the Muar team and the folks fromMonkee Genes working on the Monkee Genes Spring 2015 collection.  If you don’t know Monkee Genes you should check them out.  There motto is “no slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.”  In fact they are so eco-friendly that they are PETA approved.  On top of that they are super fashionable and comfy, so much so I am wearing a pair now.

Click on the image below to see more photos from the collection.

Monkee Select-2009B&W copy

The famous Amanda being interview by Radio National of Ecuador

The video we are currently working on for EkoRural connected us with a couple who do a radio program about local food and nutrition of Ecuador.  After we finished interviewing them for the video they asked Amanda to be a guest on their program and talk about typical Catalan food.  This morning they came out to the farm where we are staying and did an hour long live program with Amanda cooking and talking about home.  As you can see she had a great time and I am sure there was no shortage of conversation!


Working hard with KK

Our friend KK from India has been tagging along so we put him to work as our sound guru as we work on a video for EkoRural here in Quito. He gets one step closer to being an acoustics master each day!


Trying to catch up but too busy!

The adventure in Ecuador continues but it has been hard to sit down and get things done because it has been so fun.  In my last post we were at Un Poco Del Choco after finishing up a video for another NGO call Las Tolas.  Since that point we have finished shooting our video with Un Poco Del Choco, spent time hanging out and traveling with friends and made a video for an Indiegogo campaign about an interesting project at an organic farm.  We are now back near Quito working with EkoRural for a few days before we head to the Galapagos.  We have been planning and shooting all of these videos but nothing has been edited.  That means we are going to be super busy once we get back to Barcelona.  


Choco Toucan hanging out at Un Poco del Choco



We have left El Refugio de Intag and are now deep in a mountain rainforest with another organisation called Un Poco del Choco. Although we had internet in Intag I was not very good about posting.  We spent most of our time there enjoying the nature and being led on great expeditions to see endangered Eagles and the like with our friend and guide Peter.  

My Adventuresome Parents

I sometimes give my parents a hard time as all good children should but I must admit they never cease to impress me.  They are no longer spring chickens but none the less they are here in Ecuador with me now exploring the Andean Cloud Forest. I would like to think that I am the inspiration, the fire under their feet, the great tour guide bringing them out to see a whole new world but they were here ten years ago on their own and now I am the tourist seeing a part of the world for the first time.


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