Shaping a Brighter Future: Adolescent Boys Campaign

CRHP has just started a new campaign to raise money for their Adolescents Boys Program. Amanda and I shot the video about the Adolescent Boys Program that is featured in the Campaign and we know first hand what great work CRHP is doing.

To find out more about this campaign or donate money please visit:

Interesting things are happening in my neighbourhood!

When I first moved into the apartment I am living in now, I was a little disappointed to see some abandoned lots in my block and the next block over.  In both blocks small parks had been build but the majority of the space was closed to the public, abandoned and full of trash.  One of these spaces is outside my window and I have plans of my own to claim and corner and do something, but the other space, which is much larger, is in the next block over.  Well something is finally being done!

A neighbourhood group that has it’s roots in Los Indignados has been pushing to do something with this space for a few years. Today was the inauguration of a new community space that is designed as a place for the people by the people. There is no one set plan for the space. It is more of a space that is open to suggestions.

The city has opened abandoned spaces like this one and others around the city for groups to use for different activities for the next three years. Although this currently is not seen as a permanent fixture it could change Barcelona in many ways and as far as I can tell only for the better!

PS – Just for fun all of these photos were taken with my phone.

Birds to see at CRHP

Every evening there is a massive gathering of noisy crows that arrive here at the campus of CRHP.  The truth is they are pretty annoying with all of their noise and droppings but that does not mean they are the only birds around.  Yesterday morning I took my camera to breakfast and on the way back I saw quit a few very interesting species in a matter of 30 to 45 minutes.  On top of the 4 shown below I also saw an interesting hawk, a few common back yard birds and of course a few too many crows.

The Master & The Amatuer

This is not a New Years post even though it lands on New Years day but it is related to time. In 1991 I visited India and CRHP as a student for my first time. During that trip we were lucky enough to see a local potter making bowls on an amazing wheel made of cow dung, mud, grass and wood that was put on a spike in the ground and spun by hand. The weight of the wheel kept it spinning long enough for the potter to make a few bowls and then spin it again. Since I have been interested in pottery for many years I really enjoyed watching this man working and I always wanted to try out throwing a pot on wheel like his.
As luck would have it, yesterday we were shooting b-roll for the video about the Adolescent Boys Program here at CRHP when we found another potter working on one of these wheels.

Christmas in India

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CRHP goes out of their way to make Christmas a real event for the local community. They give gifts to all the staff, VHW’s, children from the preschool and more.  There are two grand feasts, skits and plays, a sports day and fireworks.

Thanks CRHP, the great work you do never ends! Happy Xmas.

Bags are packed!

We are off to India again to work with CRHP. Our goal is to do 2 short videos for them explaining some of the great programs they have.
To see the last video we did there click here.


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