On the train to the plane!

Off on another adventure; 3 days in NYC, 1 month in North Carolina, and a month and a half in Ecuador.



PROA Trekking

This past weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to go hiking with a group of teachers from a great school in Sants called PROA.  I know the teachers because I have taught English to some of them in the past.  With their awesome organization we were able to get almost the whole group to the top of Pico de Vallibierna,  a 3067 meter (10,062 ft.) peak. The views from the beginning to end were spectacular and the route was fun all the way.

To see a few more images from the trip go HERE!

From Outcast to “Doctor:” the Story of Lalanbai

Featured Image -- 2003

Originally posted on CRHP Jamkhed Blog:

DSC_0967By: Lindsey Cawood

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Lalanbai Kadam was born in Pimpalgaon, India 75 years ago. Of her nine siblings, five died before entering adulthood; the remaining four shared her family’s one-room house. As “Untouchables,” Lalanbai’s family was extremely poor (1) and forced to live on the outskirts of Pimpalgaon, as high-caste villagers do not traditionally permit Untouchables to reside in the same area of town.

Lalanbai describes her childhood as miserable. Her parents earned a difficult and meager living providing manual labor to higher-caste villagers. As early as she can remember, Lalanbai worked on a farm, never attending school. Although excluding Untouchables from school is illegal, Lalanbai was physically prohibited from entering the schoolhouse. On days that she did attend class, Lalanbai, along with the other Untouchable students, were forced to sit…

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Can Vies Day 4

Today is the 4th day of protest/riots over the destruction of Can Vies a squatter community center.  This morning there was a symbolic “rebuild Can Vies” and in the afternoon groups played music, people gathered and talked, and even a human tower was done.  As the day rolled on a medium size group of protestors started a marched that was joined by marchers from other neighbourhoods and grew into a pretty large peaceful march that wondered the streets as it got dark.

As far as I know the group remained peaceful until the police intervened near Las Ramblas. As of midnight the helicopters were still circling overhead, which leads me to believe that not all is well in Barcelona.

Museu Frederic Marés

Taking advantage of the International Museum Day we headed down the Gothic Quarter to visit the Museu Frederic Marés.  To tell the truth, I did not even know it existed before today but I am glad that I found out about it.  It seems small but once you get inside it goes on forever.  One floor is dedicated to Romanic and Gothic religious art another is a massive collection of everyday objects from the 1800 and finally the attic is full of old toys.  It is a really strange mix but each floor feels like an completely different museum.

Most of the images below come from the museum but I could not resist throwing a little before and after street photography.


Shaping a Brighter Future: Adolescent Boys Campaign

CRHP has just started a new campaign to raise money for their Adolescents Boys Program. Amanda and I shot the video about the Adolescent Boys Program that is featured in the Campaign and we know first hand what great work CRHP is doing.

To find out more about this campaign or donate money please visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shaping-a-brighter-future-adolescent-boys-campaign


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